Believing in the huge potential of UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicles, called also “drones”), our society developed a specific expertise for the technical use of these instruments, which allow to guarantee products for professional and scientifical use, with very high accuracy and precision, short times and reduced costs with respect to traditional methods.

Starting from the experience gained during more than 15 years of activity in the fields of risks analysis, land protection and emergency planning and management, we realized an architecture optimized to develop land analysis and mapping and that is able to offer fundamental instruments to professionals and institutions in order to make engineering projects and manage of structures, infrastructures and interventions of land management.

We are specialized in the survey of areas involved in natural or man related events, in emergency conditions. We offer in a very short time three-dimensional cartographic restitutions having the aim to manage the emergency also in inaccessible areas.

Starting from the technical necessities of professionals, and answering to the necessities of the scientific and academic community, we developed also expertise in the field of scientific research through the technique of remote sensing using frequencies near infrared.

This technique is able to give fundamental information for the analysis and management of places of great interest or placed in particular contexts from the historical and environmental point of view.

The development of flight technologies and aerial survey allowed also us to offer to individuals owners some particular and striking images from the sky.


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