By exploiting the characteristics of adaptability of UAVs we are able to offer services to the customer’s request for aerial surveillance in small or large areas, offering high standards of accuracy and privacy of the data. The digital control of flight tracks also allows a precise reproducibility of the same flights at a later time, allowing for a real dynamic management of spatial information acquired.


  • Control of unlawful building and monitoring of properties: exploiting the potential of multi-temporal shots, it is possible to verify in a short time and with limited costs, land parts even quite large, and even where the direct control can be limited by distances and morphology;
  • Control of the integrity of protection/anti-intrusion systems for large areas: the UAV perfectly adapt to randomly control the security systems for quite large areas, allowing to identify possible flaws and to optimize the available resources;
  • Control and monitoring of beaches and coasts: the control of coastal erosions and of the beaches has a fundamental importance for the economy of entire regions; the verification of the efficiency of the works of regulation and protection of the coasts is strategic, but it is often conditioned from the times of realization of the campaigns and from the high costs, which can be optimized by the use of UAV;
  • Control and management of mountainous areas for the exploitation of forestry resources: more and more the necessity to convert the production of energy through the exploitation of biomasses imposes, together with an accurate planning of the modality of exploitation of the forestry zones, also accurate activities of management and continuous monitoring of very large surfaces, often in inaccessible areas. In these situations the use of UAV is particularly recommended, specially if images in the infrared spectrum are superimposed to images in the visible spectrum;
  • Control of quarries/ open air mines: the calculation of the volume yearly excavated by the owners of open air deposits, is particularly expensive and imprecise, and it gives space to uncertainties, which are often the cause of work interruptions and protests. The possibility to collect during time images of reality and to elaborate them in a three-dimensional way with centimetric precisions, leads to a greater simplicity and precision of the volume calculation, permitting a management optimization;
  • Control and management of irrigation networks – land reclamation authorities: through the use UAV it is possible to monitor very large areas in a short time, indentifying possible problems that can influence the management of the networks of distribution of such a precious resource as water;
  • Monitoring and inspection of electric lines, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, railway lines, district heating – identification and search of damages on photovoltaic installations: exploiting the potential of the infrared survey of extended areas, it is possible to monitor infrastructural networks in a continuous way, identifying possible damages or malfunctioning in a short time and with moderate costs.

INTERESTED SUBJECTS: Public institutions, Land reclamation Authorities, multi-utility Technicians, Engineers, Geologists, environmental and forestry Experts, Managers of technological networks, Insurance institutions,ecc. 


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