We work in the field of digital aerophotogrammetry offering land surveys of very high accuracy in support of projects activities, check and management of structures and infrastructures, land planning, both for public and privates clients.
The products are realized on the basis of client’s requests for the use on the most common GIS and CAD softwares and they can be represented by:

  • single three-dimensional images with high accuracy and geolocalized;
  • highly detailed two- or three-dimensional ortophotomaps;
  • vectorial cartographic restitutions in two- or three-dimensional format and geolocalized;
  • digital terrain models DTM.


  • in the field of infrastructures and construction engineering: we offer technical cartography for the realization of single buildings or complex infrastructures, taking part in the preliminary, definitive and executive project, as also during the progress of the work for the management of the construction site (also as far as concern safety aspects). We can contribute to check on the progress of the work, and also to manage and to maintain the work once finished. This skill can be useful during the realization of an infrastructure, in particular if the construction site has a significant extension (also not continuous) and if it develops on several coordinated parcels;
  • in the field of land management: starting from the geolocalized ortophotomaps and from the possibility to develop them in three dimensions, it is possible to realize technical cartography of medium or small scale with very high accuracy, otherwise to elaborate thematic vectorial maps (also based on specific standard geodatabases) finalized to the realization of urban and land management instruments;
  • in the field of environmental survey: the availability of geolocalized information with very high resolution allow to identify also the smallest elements of the territory, permitting to develop instruments as support for environmental, geological, morphologic and hydrologic characterization;
  • in the filed of land control: the data obtained with centimetric accuracy, allow to elaborate detailed cartography which can be used to monitor land abuses and indiscriminate exploitments; the possibility to perform flights following predefined routes makes possible to analyse during time the evolution of a same area. This allows to identify clearly and rapidly possible building and environmental abuses, while the possibility to calculate volumes can be utilized for example to check and monitor quarries and dumps.

INTERESTED SUBJECTS: Technicians of private and public institutions, Professionals, Engineers, Geologists, Architects, Landscape architects, Environmental and forest experts, Land control institutions, Security force, Assistance institutions, Surveyors, Entrepreneurs, Safety supervisors, Constructions sites supervisors, General managers, Real estate agents. ecc. 


  • Using UAV for detecting the status of maintenance of avalanche protection barriers – Valdisotto (SO) 22/10/2015

  • 3D relief of the ex quarter LS1 in the City of Lissone before the overthrow of the central body

  • 3D relief of the ex quarter LS1 in the City of Lissone after the overthrow of the central body



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