We perform high-resolution surveys of small or large areas, exploiting the potential provided by the techniques of remote sensing multispectral RGB-NIR; compared to the classical remote sensing from aircraft or satellite, we offer a greater rapidity, production speed and accuracy of data and minor intervals of time required between two successive surveys.

Compared to the use of a single spectral band extended, the use of different spectral bands of acquisition allows to generate maps can highlight areas with homogeneous characteristics (NDVI) and to identify more types of substances or even the chemical element of interest, through the collection and analysis of their characteristic spectral track.


  • geology, geomorphology, geodesy: multispectral analysis allows to identify and monitor faults and geomorphologic anomalies, tectonic movements, instability of slopes and areas with hydrogeological instability. It is possible even to identify the typology of the rocks involved in the event;
  • glacier monitoring: the near infra red analysis allows to identify the typology the thickness, the extension and the movements, of marine and terrestrial glaciers;
  • agriculture, forests, botany: remote sensing techniques allows to map the phenological condition and the state of health of the plants, permitting to evaluate the humidity grade and the production estimate. It is possible also to obtain some farming indication, and to calculate evapotranspiration and the tendency to fire risk of a forest;
  • dynamics of the pollutants: it is possible to operate on large scales in the monitoring of pollutants emitted into the atmosphere, or diluted in a river or in the terrain; it is possible also to operate in the monitoring of controlled or not controlled dumps;
  • infrastructures management: with the multispectral analysis it is possible to evaluate the management of single buildings (for example its thermal insulation) or of complex infrastructures (for example evaluating the degradation of the materials of the roads).

INTERESTED SUBJECTS: Technicians of public institutions, Engineers, Geologists, Environmental and forest experts, Managers of technological networks, Insurance institutions, ecc. 


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